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Q: How quickly can I get my Vino Ninja Products?

A: All orders ship within 24 hours of when they are placed. If you opt for our free shipping option, orders will be shipped via USPS 1st class mail, and will take approximately 3-7 days to be delivered depending on the location the order is shipping to. We do offer expedited shipping options for an additional cost. Our warehouse is located in New Jersey, and please note that we do not ship on Saturday or Sundays.


Q: How do I clean my Vino Ninja Products?

A: The best way to care for Vino Ninja products is to hand wash with warm water. However, each item has specific care instructions that are printed directly on the product packaging.


Q: How long should I freeze Vino Ninja chilling products for?

A: We recommend storing your Vino Ninja chilling products in the freezer. However, it will take approximately 90 minutes to freeze when they are placed in the freezer after being stored at room temperature.


Q: Will Vino Ninja chilling sticks chill room temperature beer or wines?

A: The Vino Ninja 3-1 Wine Chilling Stick and Beer Chilling Stick were designed to maintain a chilled temperature— not to chill a room-temp beer or wine. The Wine Chilling stick can slightly chill your red wine if desired in about 15 minutes.


Q: How Do the Vino Ninja Stainless Steel Chilling Cubes Work?

A: The Vino Ninja chilling cubes lower the temp of your favorite scotch or whiskey without diluting it like a normal ice cube. Imagine the chilling effect of an ice cube with the flavor profile of a neat pour.


Q: Are all Vino Ninja Products safe to use?

A: Definitely! All Vino Ninja products are made from FDA certified and tested materials.


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