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At Vino Ninja, we believe life is all about balance. We walk on a tight rope between working too hard and playing too hard. We struggle to keep up appearances while appearing to not give a crap. It’s a stressful thing, this path we walk. We hope to make things easier for you by helping you drink well. The last thing anyone needs to worry about is not enjoying a drink meant purely for enjoyment.

We break down our wine and bar accessories into three categories:


Drinks that are meant to be chilled should be consumed chilled- not slightly chilled and definitely not at room temperature. Our chilling products keep your wine, beer, scotch, whiskey, and liquors chilled for hours. No more warm last sip, because let’s face it, that lukewarm backwash sip is just gross.


Wine is meant to have some oxygen infused into it to bring out its true aroma and flavor. You could open a bottle and let it breathe for a while, but who wants to wait? Our aerators diffuse the right amount of oxygen into each pour and their ergonomic design makes sure the wine ends up in your glass not your countertop.


Have you ever wanted to enjoy a glass of wine but didn’t want to open a new bottle in fear it would get spoiled before you finished it? Better yet, ever crave a glass of wine and take a sip out of a ruined bottle? Our Vacuum Wine Sealers solve that problem by taking out the extra oxygen from your bottle and creating a vacuum seal. This will keep a wine lasting for days. Go on and enjoy a glass!


Drink Better.

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